Desperate for a Guitarist with Imagination.

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Desperate for a Guitarist with Imagination.

Postby bradleylacell » Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:06 am

Hello everyone.

I am a songwriter, but can not play solos. I need to find someone that is into Chet Atkins, and J.Mascis... someone that can bend like Gilmore, has very broad influences and is just a guy in his room that wants to play on original songs for fun... something to do...willing to try it all...

I now live in a very isolated remote place with less than 1000 people living here, no other musicians like me that come from a punk rock/country background.

My songs are unique, and I have lots of them... I am using the IK studio bundle and am recording new songs at a unnatural pace. I have lots and lots of songs.

I do have plans to use these songs to make a record eventually. I have made records with bands before, and want to do this anonymously..I have a plan.. so even if you are not 100% into what I do, I promise it can remain anonymous... and you can just add the flourishes and solo parts and wont have to worry about ruining your reputation.... I would love a partner, and would of course give credit if you want... someone that is really into what i am doing, to help support the song and the songwriter. Confidence is something I have had beaten out of me over the years...Despite having some great success over the years. I have been in bands and been the songwriter in those bands and have sold lots of records over the years...toured a lot of my life, and have done some cool things... a long time ago now.. but i also know that what i am doing is a bit different... so, if you want to just play, and remain a ghost, i understand. But if not... that would be really awesome too... its entirely up to you... if you just want to play, and use my songs as a way to have something to do... experiment with your new toys, and just be a part of something... i would really like to meet you....

So... if you are a bedroom guitarist, that can just play great solos and are into serving the song itself... I really want to talk to you... I need help. So please hit me up, hopefully we can come together on this and really make something cool....

if you write to me, i will send you a couple songs ive written and if its something you would be willing to be a part of, I would forever be grateful and would help inspire me and push me to work a little quicker....

my email is [redacted - use private messaging here] please, hit me up. lets chat. and hopefully we can together, make some deadly songs.... I need you. And there is no sense someone with talent should be without a songwriter that can give you songs to shine on...
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Re: Desperate for a Guitarist with Imagination.

Postby Edulif » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:56 pm

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Re: Desperate for a Guitarist with Imagination.

Postby Peter_IK » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:48 pm

Great to see some collaboration possibly starting.

Note that I redacted OP's email address since posting your email address in a public forum that is indexed by search engines is almost 100% likely to result in lots of spam coming your way as sites are frequently farmed for email addresses by spammers.
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Re: I can try, if you don't have problem

Postby screaminblues » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:03 pm

Hi, i'm a guitar player and i could collaborate with you, i have material in soundcloud, bandcamp, yeopen, my youtube and dailymotion channel if you want to check me first. I'm interested in working with original people and you say that you make your own songs so... write me a DM and show me what you have:DDD. @simonmorav - instagram or ... 0bEEu4kd_g
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Re: Desperate for a Guitarist with Imagination.

Postby muzimad12345 » Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:26 pm

Even I am looking to collaborate with like-minded guitarists. If anybody is interested you can contact me here at Pick Up The Guitar.
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