iRig Blueboard software features

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Re: iRig Blueboard software features

Postby Maddcow » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:57 am

gvkvmm wrote:Although I love the hardware, the software is lacking basic functionalities:

- Cannot save any modifications made to parameters.
- If you reopen the software, it reverts to its basic configuration
- Cannot mix PC and CC commands in a bank
- Cannot have a button act as a momentary switch
- PC mode defaults to "click to send a PC"and the behaviour cannot be changed
- CC mode defaults to "click to LATCH" on CC and the behaviour cannot be changed
- Setup choices are limited even in IK applications
- Even more difficult to use in non-IK software

This makes the Blueboard unusable for me.

I have contacted technical support and opened a ticket. The response was
"The BlueBoard app will be improved over time. We are definitely taking suggestions and getting feedback from users for a better experience with the BlueBoard app.
I will forward this ticket to our development team as a user request for further review.
" but I was not able to get a basic list of functionalities or a date for a "new version".

Does anybody have a date for a new release?

Any other ideas for new functionalities?

I would like this post to stay (and not get locked) so other users can add their feature requests.
I just wanted to chime in and say that I can't believe the above post was posted back in April 2014, and yet none of the issues - and a couple are showstoppers - have been addressed since that time. My BlueBoard arrived in the mail yesterday and I spent the whole day trying to get it to perform some simple functions. I only found this thread late yesterday after much frustration and have since realised that BlueBoard is essentially useless for anything other than mind-numbingly-basic functions.

IK, it's now 2017 and I simply cannot believe that BlueBoard's potential capabilities haven't been expanded since its introduction, especially given that firmware and software is so easily upgradable. I bought my BlueBoard via an online seller and don't think it can be returned but I'll definitely be pursuing this. The BlueBoard really is a waste of money as it stands right now, unless you just want to turn pages or change patches/banks...and there are a bunch of products on the market that can do these things and are much cheaper. I'm so disappointed.
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Re: iRig Blueboard software features

Postby lukedoyle » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:24 pm

Maybe somebody can help. I want to use the BlueBoard to control the Looper in Ableton Live 9. IK, as usual, haven't made it easy.

I've followed the instructions exactly to have MidiPipe modify the CCs to make them appear like PC messages and I'm getting some strange behaviour. The 1st converted CC-->PC message starts recording. But the 2nd, 3rd etc messages on the same CC that would normally trigger the next functions (playback or overdub) don't work correctly. Firstly, the message automatically halves the number of beats. Secondly, overdub mode doesn't actually overdub and automatically switches back to playback after a cycle.

I tried putting the BlueBoard into mode C and found that I can get the Record/Playback/Overdub to work perfectly including double tap to stop the loop and long tap to clear it. But then the reverse and speed functions can only function as momentary (facepalm!)

Any ideas?
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