Official AmpliTube 5 FEATURES Wishlist

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Re: Official AmpliTube 5 FEATURES Wishlist

Postby krezie » Sat Mar 02, 2024 8:16 pm

I like Amplitube very much, but I also like to mix and match Amplitube in the signal chain with products from different vendors. Other cab simulations, fx solutions, etcetera...

It would be nice if Amplitube got an option where we can load just the amp head, without the whole (amplitube) signal chain and gear browser in a vst window, so that we could use Amplitube as a slimmed down amp only solution as well.

A bit like with the old Line 6 Pod Farm 2.5, where there are "elements" vst's next to the complete Pod Farm environment. Or another oldie; Waves GTR3, which has amp only vst's.

I know of course that with the current Amplitube version you can bypass the cab section, and thus use the vst as amp only, but the window feels cluttered and huge when one only wants to use the amp head in the vst signal chain.
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Re: Official AmpliTube 5 FEATURES Wishlist

Postby guitarkite » Fri Apr 26, 2024 6:37 pm

For God sakes!! Put Amplitube 5 in a hardware format like EVERYONE else has done! Tonex is great, but it would be even better to have all my favorite effects and controls in one bulletproof floorpedal.
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