Irig Steam Loses Audio On TikTok Lives

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Irig Steam Loses Audio On TikTok Lives

Postby Djtommyd » Fri Apr 19, 2024 7:23 pm

I have a Numark DJ Controller connected to the irig Stream via RCA cables and from the irig Stream to the iphone via lightning cable. My microphone is connected directly into the DJ Controller.

When I start my Livestreams on Tiktok, or on Super Live or on Clapper, the audience in my Lives can hear my music and me speaking in the microphone clearly without any issues.

BUT, during my Livestream, if I ever invite one or more people to do a Dual Live or Multi-Live with me, the music audio dies out and goes completely silent to the crowd but yet they can still hear me speak in the microphone. The music is still playing and I can hear it in my headphones.
And the LED light on my irig Stream device changes from the preset of GREEN to BLUE and the volume control knob has no affect on it.

I checked that the irig Stream does not need a firmware upgrade.

This issue exists on both all my apple products but also on my Andriod tablets

Can someone give me advice on how to ensure that the music signal continues to flow to my streaming device when I perform Dual Lives or Multi-People Lives
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