Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby bluebird69 » Sat Dec 17, 2022 6:43 am

As many others here I vote for ability to change UI color or skin for better contrast between text and background. It is way, way too hard to read as it is now and that doesn't really give a good impression for potential new buyers either.

Another thing I'd love to see is improved compatibility with Studio One 4.
For some reason, when I load a saved Studio One project with a ST4 electric bass instance on it, the sound from ST4 often sound much lower than it was when I saved the project or often even refuses to give sound at all from the patch I saved the project with. Sure, I can reload that preset again, but it's not really working as supposed and it'd be great if it did.

Merry Christmas.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby revolution909 » Thu Dec 22, 2022 12:03 pm

Hi, I'd like to be able to reorder the icons on the left side of SampleTank 4. So I could, for example, bring my favorite Syntronik synths to the top of the list for easier navigation.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby EK3_multimedia » Mon Dec 26, 2022 4:52 pm

Request for SampleTank4 Browser improvements:

1. Add optional "single-select mode(change-select mode)" with Ctrl+Click support for multi-select.
I think current default multi-select mode is optimized for touch devices, not for PC.

2. In FILTERS Column, show instruments kind like "Flute", "Acoustic Pianos", "Nylon Guitar", etc.
when I select "Woodwinds" in CATEGORIES, next I'll want to filter by "Flute" or "Oboe" or "Bassoon". but current FILTERS are "Bright", "Brilliant", "Espressivo", ... thats dont help me at all.

3. Add way to filter articulations patches which included in key-switch patches.
Current INSTRUMENTS column show all articulations patches and I feel it a noisy.
In Miroslav Philharmonik 2, articulations patches exists in sub folders of key-switch patch. well organized. easy access to frequently used pathes and hide rare use details, but accessible.
I suggest add "Articualations" in FILTERS column like "Fulte", "Flute Articulations", "Sax", "Sax Articulations". Users who only need key-switch patch only, choose "Flute" or "Sax".

4. Move SampleTank2 XL patches from SampleTank 3 library to SampleTank2 XL library.
In 2022, SampleTank2 XL sounds are cheap in some category (especially Acoustic Pianos).
But in Ethnic, Percussion, Sound Fx Category, many patches are welcome.
By Separating SampleTank2 XL patches to independent library, users can easily choose contains them or not.

5. Add text search for Library column.

6. Add library icon and library name in Info column.

thanks for your patient to my poor english.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby foxanthony » Wed Jan 04, 2023 7:37 am

Audio to MIDI converter.

If Spotify can do it I don't see why IK Multimedia can't too.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby DDemase1174 » Thu Jan 12, 2023 4:40 pm

I would love to see some kind of "Beat Machines 2" SampleTank library devoted to digital drum machine sounds, in particular Linn, Akai, E-mu, Korg, Roland/Boss, Yamaha, Fairlight, Synclavier, etc. released in the future. Something that covers the ground the first library didn't cover.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby ChrisHeinen » Mon Mar 06, 2023 2:08 pm

It would be useful if there were a way to see a "Key Switches" window as in Philharmonik 2...


So that a person could tell what the articulation mapping looked like "at a glance".
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby henrybaum » Fri Mar 31, 2023 3:48 pm

I'd like to ability to hide libraries - I only use Syntronik or Philharmonik in their dedicated apps. Or the ability to consolidate Syntronik's libraries under one icon, as it's a long list (unless this is already possible and I'm missing something).
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby DDemase1174 » Sun Apr 16, 2023 5:31 pm

I would love to see a signature "Ken Scott Collection" or "Alan Parsons Collection" or "Jack Joseph Puig Collection" SampleTank expansion library (or any other, similar-minded producer/engineer) with various, high-quality guitar, bass, drum kit and keyboard sounds multi-sampled by the respective producer/engineer using classic analog techniques/equipment/processing. If we can't get a Beatles or Abbey Road project out, maybe this might be the next best thing?
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby darkogav » Thu Oct 19, 2023 12:09 pm

It would be really handy to be able to add a star to midi file parts in ST and have a list of favorites.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby torley » Thu Nov 23, 2023 4:30 pm

PLEASE add a "pick a random preset" feature dice button, basically click a button and picks an instrument out of the MANY. Would add a lot of value and spontaneous fun discovery beyond going alphabetically/categorically. ALSO a number of other leading virtual instruments already have it (i.e., Omnisphere has shuffle list, Arturia's ecosystem has one too, soforth and so on)

A few other things that would be VERY NICE AND USEFUL QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS especially for a product this venerable:

(1) OPTION to click once on a instrument to load it. (Instead of twice.)
(2) Orrrr audition preview sounds for instruments, so you can hear before loading.
(3) Be able to switch parts from the patch browser, instead of having to go back to the overall view.
(4) Retain patch browser search view when changing parts, right now when using Sampletank, it's distracting because changing parts clears the search filter. This makes it HARD to build up related layers.
(5) Add filter for "KS" keyswitch instruments and ONLY show those, since they're like richer supersets. If I'm a system with plenty of resources, I don't want to load lower-end versions!
(6) Ability to hit Enter key to load an instrument! I can use up/down arrows to scroll, why can't I hit Enter to load it? Standard behavior. Right now it switches to Folder view which is odd, and not as common.

Does anyone else agree?
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby rj.gray » Sat Nov 25, 2023 4:52 pm

NKS 2.0 support would be great. Presets, light guides, control mapping, etc.
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Re: Official SampleTank Mac/PC Wish List!

Postby gohloum » Thu Mar 07, 2024 3:38 pm

MIDI Assignments Default configuration. There really needs to be an option to setup the default configuration. What I mean is in parts 1 - 16, the 8 Macros are already populated. However there should be the ability to add/populate new assignments via the MIDI Assignments page right into the grid, and/or have the assignments saved as an external xml or JSON file that can easily be edited.

USE CASE EXAMPLE - I own several controllers, but I primarily use the Arturia Keylab MK2. I have programmed my rotary encoders on bank 1 to send the corresponding CC messages as described within the table. This is fantastic and works as a global setup meaning I don't have to save assignments via MIDI Learn to independent multis! However there is no default for Master volume in the mixer page, or any of the volumes, mutes, etc., for that matter These must be learned and saved with each multi. This scenario is tasking as I am constantly creating sounds for different projects. If I could add the master volume on the mixer page to the MIDI Assignments table default configuration and have every new multi use that default, I could easily setup my controller to send the appropriate CC message to SampleTank. In my particular use case, I would actually setup my sliders to control the 16 instrument volumes as well as buttons for mutes, and the master on my #9 fader.

I am also a software engineer, and the current default values are likely hard-coded into the code somewhere. Considering Sampletanks ability to access the computer's file system, either an external source or access to internal read/write state of some basic ASCII should not be a major task.

Workflow and efficiency should always be priority in design. Hopefully my suggestion will help you guys with improving the assignments feature.

Thanks and aside from my issues with MIDI Assignment, the software is incredible and my goto for live and studio!

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