Syntronik 2 No ARP start/stop with DAW

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Syntronik 2 No ARP start/stop with DAW

Postby shendai » Fri Oct 27, 2023 6:59 am

Hi Everyone,
The Syntronik manual says that when in External control, the built in ARP/Sequencer starts and stops with the DAW sequencer. But I can't get mine to do that, no matter what I try. It syncs correctly to the DAW's tempo, but won't start and stop with it. Rather it's behaving as if it's still in Internal control.

I've tried this in two different DAWs that both control other sequencer plugins fine (Reaper and Studio One) but Syntronik 2 doesn't seem to "hear" the DAW's transport commands, and I can't find any Syntronik midi implementation info on this to check the command codes.

Has anyone solved this issue before successfully?

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