Arc 3 and VS-700

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Arc 3 and VS-700

Postby Torerk01 » Tue Mar 07, 2023 2:37 pm

Soo. I was looking forward to analyze my sound and ran the ARC3 with the provided microphone. Very naive and happy. And then: When I run the Arc 3 with the default microphone I get to the page where I select microphone input and output. I am using Roland VS-700 interface (yes, I am, and I am very pleased with it) and Cakewalk DAW. It is not possible to select the VS-700 even thou it is the only choice in the dropdown list in the ARC 3 analysis program, it shows up in the drop down for "select audio device" but If I select it it goes right back to "select Audio device". The same for both input and output. The option is there in the dropdown list, but it will not be selected.

Anyone else had this problem?
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