High Gain Noise!!

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High Gain Noise!!

Postby ZappedRat6 » Wed Feb 08, 2023 3:55 pm


I'm new here and need some insight. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have AmpliTube 5 MAX and Tonex.

I use P.C. Windows10- DAW-Presonus Studio One Pro. Presonus 1810C interface / converter.

I play Ernie Ball JP Anniversary and Ernie Ball Cutlass HT guitars.

I'm experiencing what seems to me like an unreasonable condition.

ANY Pre-Set that I use or create, that is high gain, even modestly high gain, I get so much noise and distortion.

I'm an bit above intermediate guitarist. I get that when using high gain, a fair amount of string muting and control is required. But the unwanted noise I'm getting is overwhelming. I have to "pick" every note and play with extreme caution so unwanted noise doesn't blow up.

I experience this with other supposedly "High Quality" guitar modeling products.

I cant believe every High Gain Pre Set model sounds like crap immediately. It's not electronic humming or buzzing. I've invested in a high quality power conditioner. It's just unwanted noise.

Could my 1810 be the problem?

really struggling!

Thank you!
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