Current promo seems like a "no brainer" deal, but...

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Current promo seems like a "no brainer" deal, but...

Postby ChrisHeinen » Mon Jan 16, 2023 3:43 pm

Currently there is a promo on "Total Studio 3.5 MAX" for $200. Seems like a "no brainer" deal with tons of content. Looking for opinions from current IKM users familiar with these apps as to whether they are pleased/disappointed with using this bundle of apps.

Oddly enough, my problem is that I would need to first upgrade my PC with more drive space just to be able to load all the content (which apparently is around 500 GB after installation, plus whatever storage is needed for the pre-install download files). Any words of wisdom from anyone who faced this problem?

Thanks in advance...
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Re: Current promo seems like a "no brainer" deal, but...

Postby startrekmike » Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:37 am

SSD's are pretty inexpensive these days so it isn't really a bad idea to grab a 1TB or even a 2TB drive that you can dedicate to not only the rather large install but also any installers for the various sound packages (since these need to be downloaded to avoid expiration). By the time you are done, you will likely have plenty of space to dedicate to song projects.
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