Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby DarkStar » Mon Feb 28, 2022 12:06 pm

Particle1 wrote:Please integrate all of the previously released drum sounds within Modo Drum (Neal Peart, Billy Cobham, Hugh Padgham and Terry Bozzio) so we can get away from SampleTank 4 which is very frustrating and not very intuitive. I've never been able to get these to load properly. Modo Drum however seemed to get it right on the first try and would make a great home for these sounds. The ability to add third party sounds would also make a great addition.

Also I agree with adding Octobans and a seconds snare drum.


MODO DRUM is primarily a physical modelling product. Those drums libraries that you listed are sample-based, so are not appropriate for incorporation into MODO DRUM. To resolve the problems you have run into with ST4, please contact Technical Support.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby Particle1 » Mon Feb 28, 2022 5:27 pm

The brass instruments included are all sample based as well so that doesn't really matter. I'm sure we all want this thing to be the best it can possibly be so no need to shut this avenue down.

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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby Pleudoniem » Wed Mar 16, 2022 9:03 pm

Something for the Wish List.

1) Both Superior Drummer and BFD3 have the option to use the rims of the Toms as midi-input. I find that severely lacking in MODO-Drums.

2) I have a TD27 drumkit with VAD-Drums, which means that most of my drums have zones. The ride has a bell, a bow, and an edge, but I cannot address all of them. The position control that MODO uses is nice, but not that relevant to me. I'd like to be able to address all the zones that I can play.

3) Finally, I need to crank the volume quite high up to make the program be heard in a DAW. That could easily be adjusted, I think.

Only for those three reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend the program to other musicians, although I do see its opportunities. I am hoping for improvement, as I have noticed what Amplitube has developed into over the years, and I absolutely LOVE that.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby stefano.uberti » Fri Jun 24, 2022 2:03 pm

Would be great to have the
possibility to choose Brushes instead of Sticks for playing style.
And possibly few types for different music nouances.

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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby kjetilge » Thu Aug 18, 2022 6:39 pm

A way to controll Modo drums just like a traditional drum machine (Such as Alesis SR-16: so it can be used for Live work along side a pianist ot guitarist (For playing at pubs etc). Typcally such a device allows for very easy triggering of intros, fills, verse, outros etc.

At present the only software on the mac platform that has this functionality is Steinbergs Groove Agent using it'.s "Jam Mode". Unfortunately Groove Agent has no "MIDI OUT" so that constrains the user to use steinberg drum sounds only. :cry:

As a result I have no practical use of Modo Drums as it is today.

A really cool product though would be a multitrack midi playback plugin (Both stand-alone and VST/AU with virtual midi out) with the above mentioned ability so that we could use Modo drums and Modo bass together live!
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby topaz1 » Tue Aug 23, 2022 4:01 pm

Bump on this, CPU hit is just to high right now. some kind of reduction mode would be great.
tape machines same issue.

jdtay2 wrote:Hi all,

I would love to have CPU scaling (e.g. High/ Low Quality).

I find MODO DRUM uses a lot of CPU and this can be a disruption to workflow when doing quick demos (where the quality is less important).

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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby acdc2000 » Tue Oct 11, 2022 1:45 pm

A better par EQ . because often need for more clarity in the kick drum reduce around 85 hz Q 6 -4 db. this is often done in real drum mixes too. Inside modo drum is not possible. the low mid shelving filter begin from 200 hz and have only Max Q 1.5
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby talus » Sat Oct 15, 2022 3:38 pm

Would love a way to have or create drum rolls on a key. Also be able to set individual midi outputs for unique processing to a bass drum, snare etc.

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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby anilnc » Thu Nov 10, 2022 9:00 am

I wish for getting types of sticks selection having brush type in the list.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby davidglynn1 » Fri Dec 16, 2022 6:39 pm

Another vote for CPU optimization from me. (Multicore support maybe?).
Right now in an empty project MODO Drum uses around 25-35% CPU just idling and around 10% with all the FX removed.
Even with all the FX removed, when I try to play any sounds the CPU jumps around and the audio crackles. Obviously in a packed project it would be completely unusable.
For comparison Steven Slate Drums (which has no built-in FX) uses 1% CPU while idling.
It's a shame I can't use MODO Drum, It's a nice piece of software and looks integrated inside FL Studio's design.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby auggybendoggy2 » Sat Jan 14, 2023 3:24 pm

Delay in FX section needs Sync.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby auggybendoggy2 » Sat Jan 14, 2023 3:27 pm

Drum Maps for all major daws, protools, logic, cubase, studio one, Live, Cake, Fruity, Reaper, Samplitude. And for all Roland, alesis and yamaha edrums sets.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby JxCALLExJ » Tue Mar 07, 2023 11:29 pm

I’d really like mics and mic positioning. I’m currently trying to replicate a sound where they placed the tom mics really close to the edge of the drum, resulting in a really nice snappy tom sound.

Also, what do the ”volume” parameters even do? It is the simulated “mics” that we can’t see, or is it something else? It doesn’t make sense to not have mics but be able to change the level of the top and bottom heads.

It would also be nice to know what you are working on right now with product updates or other projects.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby Haruspex02 » Thu Mar 16, 2023 3:11 am

I would love the possibility to add more options in mapping. e.g. if I use a guitar pro midi track with modo drum, I have some issues with mapping. In guitar pro you have 6 numbers for the ride cymbal but in modo drum you are limited to 2 numbers. I'd like to add the 4 remaining numbers to the mapping as well, so modo drum plays the ride cymbal correctly. Unfortunately this is impossible. I'd also like to have a "follow bandmate" option, like EzDrummer offers. Even Garage Band has an option like that. It should be able to handle time signatures changes and switch several drumming styles, like pop, rock, grunge, metal, etc.
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Re: Official MODO DRUM Wish List!

Postby » Thu Mar 16, 2023 11:50 pm

- Ability to audition different drums without changing settings (e.g. damping, tuning etc.). I think it would be useful to either be able to lock the damping/tuning/etc. while switching between drums, or to maintain the damping/tuning/etc. on a particular drum so that when you swap between them the settings aren't reset every time.

- Ghost notes on the snare are not really possible without awkward workarounds. The snare is too loud at the lowest velocities (even with the global velocity low), so it is difficult to get natural ghost notes/rolls.

- Scroll bar at the bottom of the mixer is a bit small

- The raw sound of the drums is good, but I find myself not using the OH and Room too much and using external reverbs. Would love some different options for mic placement, or even just the ability to switch between several different OH micing styles (e.g. XY, Glyn Johns, etc.)
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