volume problems for uno synth

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volume problems for uno synth

Postby HarmerWiltriz33 » Mon Jun 06, 2022 5:35 am

I recently got a uno synth (the old one from a couple of years ago, not the pro), and I was setting up to my mixer, but noticing that it is very quiet. Even dialing the volume on the uno and my mixer to max, it is still relatively quiet in comparison to the microfreak which I have. typically at this level, the volume is very loud that can be uncountable, but this sounds quiet, and if I dial to the max I start hearing some hiss. I am worried that I might be doing something wrong as I am new to hardware synths. Especially givene that most comments suggest the uno sounds big. Appreciate any pointers if anyone is familiar with this synth or has any ideas.

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