I Wanna B Ur Suicide - something rocking for a change!

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I Wanna B Ur Suicide - something rocking for a change!

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Fri Oct 08, 2021 9:14 pm

Hey all,

Okay, this one is about 3 yrs old & is basically a post-punk homage to some of my past influences - heavily drawing upon “The Queen Haters” spoof from SCTV and “The Criminal” by Sons of Freedom (we used to cover that back in the day). Spent the last couple days dusting it off and sprucing it up for human consumption.

The impetus for the title & lyrics stem from The Exorcist series, I recall near the end of the first season the devil is trying to convince the protagonist to kill himself. I think the title is pretty hardcore as well and, no, in no way am I promoting suicide - just thought it was a hardcore idea and fitting for post-punk.

Song should be redone someday. Drums are in a time somewhere between wanting something other than Logic’s Drummer but MODO Drum wasn’t released yet (so this uses a free thing called MT-Power Drumkit2…worked well enough for now).

IK Stuff:
Amplitube 4 & 5 (guitars and bass)
Syntronik - “Abandon Your Pretense” preset
TR5 - White 2A, One, Sunset Studios, CSR Inverse Rev, CSR Room
Lurssen - mastering

Anyhow, full-bore retro rock n’ roll and hope you dig it.


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