"Promise" - first track of 2021.

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"Promise" - first track of 2021.

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:32 am

Hi All,

Here’s the first new song of the year, a song for my daughters. A little more acoustic, maybe a bit of Springsteen vibe and, according to my bass bud, the guitar lead is reminiscent of Men At Work. Anyhow, throwing some positivity at this year.

IK Stuff:

MODO Drums = Studio kit
Hammond B-3X = one of the new presets from Tom Brislin (“Absence of Presence”)
AT5: Bass = New York B750; Gtr Lead = variation on “WaserBeam” preset, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars = these channels had some portions run thru a Tube Vintage Combo amp in parallel with a DI that had Acoustic Sim pedal on it
Philharmonik 2 = Violin, Cello, Double Bass
Brandenburg Piano = Concert
TR5 = Tape Machine 80, Sunset Sound Studio, Stealth Limiter

Take care,

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Re: "Promise" - first track of 2021.

Postby danielsonkin » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:11 am

That was totally delightful. The positivity found an ear and a mind and it stuck. Thank you so much for posting that. And my wife who is knitting next to me said, “I really liked that!” So you have two fans here in NorCal!
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