Re-Authorization Issue

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Re-Authorization Issue

Postby rj.gray » Sun Jul 02, 2023 8:10 pm

On the latest version, every time I open it I'm forced to re-enter my serial number. Is this normal? Also even if I enter both my Sampletank MAX and Editor serials the white noise burst for the trial version never goes away. I saw in other posts that Support says they won't provide help authorizing it and we should discuss it in the forums - has anyone figured out a way to get this to authorize without the help of Support?
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Re: Re-Authorization Issue

Postby rj.gray » Thu Jul 27, 2023 10:33 pm

Jason from Support got back to me and helped me fix the problem.

Here are the steps for macOS, edited a little from what he told me because that's what worked for me. Jason said I could post these in the forum:

Open Finder >

click GO >

Hold down your Option key and you will see Library appear >

click this >

Then open Preferences >

Scroll to and delete the "com.ikmultimedia.sampletank editor.plist" file in that folder >

Scroll to and delete "com.ikmultimedia.SampleTank Instrument Editor.plist" in that folder >

Leave that folder open, you will go back there soon >

Re-open SampleTank Editor >

Go through the authorization steps when prompted and paste your serial >

In the Users/Library/Preferences folder find "com.ikmultimedia.sampletank editor.plist" >

Rename it SampleTank Instrument Editor >

Reopen the program.

It shouldn't mention the 10 day grace period and authorization anymore.
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Re: Re-Authorization Issue

Postby bnz99 » Mon Jun 10, 2024 6:22 pm

Does anyone have a Windows solution for this problem? I get a popup that my grace period has ended when I launch Sampletank Editor. There is another thread with exactly this behavior, but unfortunately there is no documented solution I could find.
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