Choke open Hi-hat from midi CC pedal

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Choke open Hi-hat from midi CC pedal

Postby mapeje » Tue Jan 30, 2024 8:13 am

Hi. I am using Modo Drum with Reaper controlled by an Alesis Samplepad. To simulate a hi-hat, I use a midi expression pedal through Blueboard.
Everything works really well, I can control the open/close by the pedal, but the open hi-hat rings out even when I close the pedal and hit again.
I have searched many forums for a solution. There are ways using midi choke plugin, but that only works if open and close are on separate midi note.

Is there a solution to choke the open hi-hat when CC goes to 0 or 127? Perhaps you should trigger Foot Close everytime you close (CC 0 or 127) and choke if you hit the closed hi-hat?

Or could the sound be monophonic so next sound choke previous?

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