The Rest Is Yet To Come - latest cottage collaboration.

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The Rest Is Yet To Come - latest cottage collaboration.

Postby » Fri Jun 24, 2022 3:36 pm

Hi all!

Last weekend my friend, Paul, and I were able to connect for one of our “cottage sessions” that we try to have once/year. This round, we had a few songs to advance and this song of Paul’s was really in its infancy (had composition and basic arrangement; bass guitar, acoustic rhythm guitars & an ambient, clean semi-hollow guitar with Bigsby were established with a scratch vox).

Of all the songs on deck, this one got some real traction for finalizing the arrangement and instrumentation. I had the opportunity to pop in some acoustic guitar melodies (steel and classical), a variety of piano parts and pretty cool haunting lead guitars (if you dig it, seriously check out that preset from ToneNet below!). Paul laid down some of his best vox in my opinion.

The song started out more folky but as it advanced there is a definite Pink Floyd vibe going on….at least from my perspective. Great thing about collaboration, never really know how the final product is gonna pan out but just enjoy the process!!

IK Stuff:
MODO Drum - Studio kit
AT5 - Fender Deluxe Rev; guitar leads used “Mock E Bow RMP” from ToneNet (awesome preset!!)
ST4 - Fractured Piano, Shipwreck Piano, Imperial Grand
TR5 - Stealth Limiter
Lurssen Master - based on “Americana Loose (more glue)”

Have a listen, hope you enjoy, feedback always appreciated!
Michael (and Paul)
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Re: The Rest Is Yet To Come - latest cottage collaboration.

Postby Riff_Lovely » Sat Jun 25, 2022 9:47 am

Hey guys i truly enjoyed in this song. What a nice track. Great play, and production. Voice is beautiful. Remind me as you say on Floyd , and Neil Young. I want more !!! Thumb up.
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Re: The Rest Is Yet To Come - latest cottage collaboration.

Postby danwilson5 » Wed Jun 29, 2022 7:59 pm

Hi Michael,

Wow, super track. I really liked the arrangement- nicely balanced, I could hear everything clearly. The Bigsby work on the guitar reminded me of Chris Issak, it added a very cool texture under the vocals. Speaking of vocals, Paul's vocals were spot on.

What a great advertisement for the "ToneNet" part in Amplitube 5, to be able to go in and find a juicy preset to fit what you are doing for the lead guitar. Did you change the preset at all?

Your playing on the nylon string acoustic guitar definitely, in my opinion, puts it in the Neil Young territory.

If I could make one small suggestion... have more "cottage sessions" because this track is cool.

Looking forward to more

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Re: The Rest Is Yet To Come - latest cottage collaboration.

Postby » Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:16 am

Hi zuga1974 and Dan,

Thank you both for nice f/b and I’d certainly take any reference towards Neil. :D

Dan - I’m a tweaker when it comes to honing in a sound but not this time - that preset was used as-is. It seemed to fall perfectly into place for this track and it’s one of those situations where, once “that” sound is found, it’s almost doing the playing for ya….well, that and a few ounces of black rum.

Anyhow, if you haven’t yet, check out another of Paul’s tracks we worked on and I posted Apr 30/21 (go back a few pages on this forum) - “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”….you may also like.

Paul had another excellent song idea during last year’s cottage session called Emily, an incredibly well-told story. I’ll see if he’s cool with me posting and, hopefully, 2022 will be the first year we can squeeze in 2 cottage sessions vs only one.

Take care gents! 8-)
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