Accessing sounds pianoverse subscription

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Accessing sounds pianoverse subscription

Postby mitchp3210 » Mon Oct 23, 2023 6:56 pm

I have logic pro, I got the subscription for piano verse, downloaded the app on my macbook and some of the ?sound packs? one was NY grand, there were 3 others. When I use logic piano verse comes on but there is no sound patches. Its like an empty app, ghost town.

Did i downloadf these wrong, is there something im not doing, admittedly , I'm not the smartest guy w. the stuff, i hope this the right forum to ask, if not my apologies, just need help using my piano verse subscription in logic pro x on my 2018 macbook running catalina , app is able to be accessed but app only says rescan and settings on the main screen, you can't click on some tabs.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Mitch :shock: :shock:
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