can no longer try gear in amplitube 4?

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can no longer try gear in amplitube 4?

Postby ikmuskub » Thu Dec 24, 2020 10:15 pm

couldn't try gear in custom shop, told I need to upgrade the custom shop.
I upgraded the custom shop and click try, profile says trial period has started, but gear is not available in amplitube 4?
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Re: can no longer try gear in amplitube 4?

Postby slapacowski » Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:24 am

Bumping, as I am having the same issue.

I don't want to switch to AmpliTube 5 from 4 at the moment. The Custom Shop - v1 worked fine with AmpliTube 4 (buying/trial showed in the VST after a "gear restore"). The unavoidable update to Custom Shop - v2 seems to have broken the trial/buy functionality with AmpliTube 4. I can make purchases and trials just fine in the Shop (v2), but even after a "gear restore" the product does not unlock in AmpliTube 4.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am missing something, or is this a bug?
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Re: can no longer try gear in amplitube 4?

Postby DarkStar » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:23 pm

Hello ikmuskub and slapacowski and welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are both running into.

As this is primarily a user to user forum, someone-else may chip in [#]. Meanwhile, the best thing to do is contact Support, via here. There is a link at the top of the Search FAQs page to the Technical Support form, for some one to one investigation and help. Response time is usually within 2 working days (US (East Coast) Business hours, generally), but in the current circumstances please allow some more time.

[#] But please remember that the same symptoms do not necessarily mean the same problem.

And, to help others who run into a similar problem, please let us know what you did to resolve the problem. Please do not quote directly any correspondence from Support, as that may apply only to your particular circumstances.
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Re: can no longer try gear in amplitube 4?

Postby Peter_IK » Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:07 pm

The previous version of Custom Shop is only available for maintenance tasks. You would have to try/buy gear in AmpliTube 5 now as it is the latest official version.
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