can't hear recording on Cubase with Axe Io

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can't hear recording on Cubase with Axe Io

Postby tonegarage » Sun Apr 14, 2024 9:29 pm

I have isolated this to be a problem with my AXE IO, as tried with my Katana instead as my interface into Cubase and works fine

Mac mini, I can hear whilst I'm recording a guitar track and inputs and outputs work fine, but when I go to listen back I hear nothing (all settings in Cubase 13 are set up fine), it seems to be listening back to recordings I get no sound. AXE Io control panel settings all ok

it doesn't playback recording with monitor switch on Axe Io set to the left or the right, PLEASE HELP!

ive tried putting audio from Amp Out to monitor speakers and that works fine. but I want it to work as it should for listening to recording when using AXE IO outputs 1 and 2
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