Tone X doesn't work as interface

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Tone X doesn't work as interface

Postby maximusgordon » Tue Apr 09, 2024 6:57 pm

Hey everyone,
I have a new Tone X pedal but it doesn't work at all as an interface. I just sent this message to IK's support team but I'm hoping I can get it sorted out here instead of waiting for a response. I'm very close to just sending it back. Here's the message I sent them - I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me sort this out. Thanks!

...The short version is that while the pedal on its own seems to function fine, when it's integrated with my computer in any capacity it doesn't work as audio interface. It does, for example, function in regards to uploading or reordering presets in ToneNET, but it does not in any way allow me to hear ANY of the audio coming from the computer itself. So, when I want to test drive a new preset or listen to an audio demo or even pull up a YouTube video, for example, there is no sound whatsoever coming from the device other than the sound of the guitar and whatever patch (or dry signal) is currently selected on the hardware unit itself.

The INPUT and OUTPUT meters in ToneNET read just fine, as if it's working, but none of that sound comes through the headphones. It does seem to work when my laptop is used as the output device, but I need for it to work this way, as it's basic functionality.

And yes, I've done everything any reasonably tech saavy, experienced musician would think to do. The interface is properly set up in the ToneNET settings and the Sound Settings on my mac. I've done a basic factory reset, I've uninstalled and reinstalled software, unauthorized and reauthorized -- I've done it all.

Please tell me what I can do to make this brand new pedal work, I'd prefer not to send it back.

Thank you,
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Re: Tone X doesn't work as interface

Postby vulkman » Fri Apr 12, 2024 12:50 pm

Did you switch it into Interface Mode via Setup -> Global Setup -> Operation Mode -> Interface?
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Re: Tone X doesn't work as interface

Postby JamieC12 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 6:58 am

For your Tone X pedal issue, ensure it’s in ‘Interface’ mode, check the USB and ToneNET settings, and set it as the default audio device. Adjust your DAW’s monitor settings if needed. If problems persist, contact support or consider a return.
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