AXE I/0 - no sound

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AXE I/0 - no sound

Postby tzurby » Sun Feb 25, 2024 9:52 pm

Again, no sound (no output) with AXE I/0. It was there before. Didn't change anything.

Computer: MacBook Pro Ventura

No sound with Logic (output set to AXE I/0 or Systemeinstellungen, when those are set to AXE I/0).
No sound with Safari or Music, when Systemeinstellungen are set to AXE I/0.
No sound either from headphone or from line out.
Headphones work when set in the Systemeinstellungen or the Mac for headphone output.
Output is not muted, neither in the Mac settings nor in AXE I/0 control panel.
Guitar input signal can be heard via AXE I/0 when Monitor is set the the left.
Recording is possible. But not hearing the signal coming back from the DAW.
I restarted the computer many times.
What to do?
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Re: AXE I/0 - no sound

Postby tzurby » Mon Feb 26, 2024 9:54 am

Coming back to my computer this morning (left it on overnight, closed laptop screen, power off for AXE I/0), and after a notice in Logic (regarding audio, don't remember the wording), AXE I/O is working again.

I had this error quite some time, but not as persistent as this time.

How to solve this problem? How can I prevent this problem from recurring?
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