Axe I/O requires manual addition to MacOS aggregate device

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Axe I/O requires manual addition to MacOS aggregate device

Postby jessegreathouse » Fri Feb 09, 2024 6:18 am

I use an aggregate audio device on my MacOS computer because I need to use a number of different audio interfaces and Axe I/O is only used for guitars so it’s not the clock source.

In normal operation it works great.

The thing I noticed which is just kind of annoying, is that every time I reboot my MacBook Pro, unplug the power to Axe I/O or unplug the USB cable and plug it back in, is that it reappears in my system audio devices, but not as the same AXE I/O that’s part of the aggregate device. The one in the Aggregate device appears offline until I remove it from the aggregate and then I have to add a new instance of the Axe I/O to the aggregate. Once I remove the “offline” Axe I/O from the aggregate it disappears.

From this behavior I can only make deductions of what is actually happening but it seems like every time I remove and plug the interface back in, or power cycle the laptop, the interface seems like it’s registering in the system with a distinct identifier that it didn’t have before, so macOS sees it as a different device. I can’t know for sure if this is actually what’s happening, but that’s what it seems like.

Any advice? I’m not unhappy with the interface, it works great, but this annoying issue seems like something that could be easily fixed. In case it matters, I am not plugging the interface directly into my MacBook Pro, I am using a Caldigit TS3 Dock to plug in a number of devices. The only thing I plug directly into the laptop is the Dock.
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