iRig Stomp I/O with Garageband

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iRig Stomp I/O with Garageband

Postby puraxays » Sun Feb 04, 2024 5:38 pm

Hello everyone,

Is there any chance to use irig stomp i/o with Garageband?

Actually I'm using Amplitube in Garageband. It's ok but I have some issues. I mean I cannot use wah pedal in Garageband. I want to control wah pedal of Amplitube in Garageband. But it's not working. I couldn't find a solution yet.

Another issue;
I have Amplitube 5 Max v2 and Tonex MAX. What should I do for using drum loops while playing my guitar? In iPad Loop Drummer is cool but it's not exists in MAC/PC version. I've downloaded MODO Drum but its volume is too low while using at the same time with Amplitube. I cannot attach it to the Amplitube. Then I tried to use Garageband's drummer. While I'm using the wah pedal of stomp i/o, it controls the volume, not the wah pedal :(

Can you guide me to how to do that? I did something wrong I guess.
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