Tonex Pedal Live (Help!!!)

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Tonex Pedal Live (Help!!!)

Postby JakeT94 » Mon Jan 22, 2024 11:34 pm

Hey everyone!

Feel like I'm having a constantly frustrating battle with my Tonex in live settings and was wondering if anyone could help.

When running my Tonex at home I just have it running straight into my DAW in interface mode with the pedal bypassed. I've got some of the Studio Rats stuff and it sounds amazing when I record anything in Logic and I feel like after a lot of tweaks I've really got a great sound I'm happy with.

I play residency gigs in London so have been taking my pedal along the last few months and the sound I'm getting is completely different. We tend to run IEM's at these gigs and all I can say is that it feels like everything is clipping/thin/weak. My big lush cleans are suddenly thin and slightly distorted, and my Bad Cat captures just sound so fizzy. It's quite off putting when trying to relax into playing!

Does anyone have any ideas at all what's going on? Appreciate it's a difficult one if you can't hear what I'm talking about but any help would be greatly appreciated!
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