Help with ToneX and tonex pedal

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Help with ToneX and tonex pedal

Postby waltiti » Fri Sep 08, 2023 8:01 pm

Hello guys,
Ok, in the pedal, I changed the operation to interface.

As soon as ToneX software comes up and recognizes the pedal and ASIO driver. I play the guitar I hear the Tone/preset from Bank1 A from the pedal by default, and sounds good in the computer speaker, which is normal.

The problem is ... If I select a tone from ToneNet or Collection I hear the tone that is selected on the Tonex Pedal and the tone selected from ToneNet.

I can hear and distinguish each tone,
When I select a clean tone and HiGain tone I can hear both.
When I change for example a HiGain tone for the pedal in the Tonex software or in the physical Tonex pedal AND another hi-gain from ToneNet selected is terrible noise,

Why is mixing both tones? how to solve this?
Is it a pedal setup or a Windows setup?

Please help
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Re: Help with ToneX and tonex pedal

Postby tonextommy » Fri Sep 22, 2023 11:40 pm

Kia ora Waititi,

I'm having the exact same problem. It must be a software bug because there's no way this can be a "feature".

It makes using the TONEX pedal pretty limited as an interface. You can use it to input your guitar, but you have to use the computer speakers as the output. And then, you can't compare your library/ToneNET presets to the presets on the pedal. I think in "Interface" mode, it's not meant to use the outputs on the pedal. Weird.

It would be nice if an IK support person gave us the official view on this...

(TONEX software on a Macbook Pro, USB-C to the pedal through an adapter.)
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Re: Help with ToneX and tonex pedal

Postby Peter_IK » Mon Sep 25, 2023 4:09 pm

tonextommy wrote:It would be nice if an IK support person gave us the official view on this...

They would be happy to assist you directly via (since this forum is not monitored by nor does it function as IK technical support per the first rule listed on the Rules page). Thanks!
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Re: Help with ToneX and tonex pedal

Postby cmphotolab » Sun Mar 03, 2024 2:53 pm

I have only just got my tonex pedal and am thoroughly confused. I am not going to purchase any patches until I understand this unit. Where can I get free patches and how do I import them into tonex? To hear these patches, do I need to set up something on the pedal? Cheers Chris Moore
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