Purchased iRig I/O stomp, I'm a complete noob

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Purchased iRig I/O stomp, I'm a complete noob

Postby dblinkzz » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:04 pm

Hello guys,

I want to use this device to record tracks, I want to get started practicing solos of already existing songs, I guess get a backing track, play over it, record my playing, evaluate it, keep progress, share it with other people.

What I'm having trouble on is on the following :

I have an iPhone and a PC, which one is easier to use for the purpose described?

What resources can help me get into that direction? :

I don't know anything about recording, I have no idea how to play over a backing track using this thing

I have no idea how to dial in a good tone, I purchased some amps and my sound sucks, a lot of noise, feedback, unplayable I have no idea how to fix that since I don't know what the correct chain of pedals need to be and in what order.

I have basically had this thing since a few months ago and still haven't been able to play anything, I am a super beginner at these things, however I'm a proficient guitar player with more than 10 years of experience, I just suck at everything related to gear.
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Re: Purchased iRig I/O stomp, I'm a complete noob

Postby doug@timberwoodsound.com » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:35 pm

I use a PC, not an Ipad so, I can't comment on the difference. As far as using AmpliTube as a practice tool, get your backing track, save it as one of the compatible file types, (wave, WMA, MP3 etc.) You can then import it into the recorder in AmpliTube, using the import audio selection on the file menu. Be sure to turn off the FX on the imported track. Press play/rec and you are pretty much good to go. read the manual, its pretty much in there. As far as how to get started with sounds, start simple. Pull up a basic amp, get a good sound, then start playing with some basic effects; distortion, chorus, echo and build from there. Trying to find something among the presets in AmpliTube will just overwhelm you and you won't learn much, save those for later. If you don't have a good understanding of effects, I would recommend some time watching demos of similar effects on youtube. Once you start getting a handle on them, you may want to check out Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown series, it will give you an idea of what working musicians use as well as the order the patch things.
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