Issue with Wah on Stomp I/O

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Issue with Wah on Stomp I/O

Postby thesnoo02 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:31 pm

I am not able to turn the wah on or off with the Stomp I/O. How can I fix this issue?
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Re: Issue with Wah on Stomp I/O

Postby Ryan_IK » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:20 pm


Thanks for your post and welcome to the IK forums.

Please keep in mind this is not a Technical Support forum. Please see the link below to our new Rules/Guidelines.

Technical Support inquiries need to be sent here. This is where you can open a support ticket to have the team look into your specific issue.

Below are some notes I hope help in the meantime.

1) For iOS use load a WAH style Stomp FX pedal into an empty slot. This should automatically assign this to your Expression Pedal and Virtual Switch on the iRig Stomp I/O. Make sure to not replace a pedal with an existing assignment as this assignment will be kept. Swipe Stomp FX pedals UP to delete them from your chain.

2) For Mac/PC make sure you select the iRig Stomp I/O as your MIDI Input in the Audio/MIDI Set Up (Under the Settings drop down menu). Once done you should be able to load a WAH style Stomp FX pedal into slots 5 - 6 in your Stomp A section for automatic assignment to your iRig Stomp I/O unit's Expression Pedal and Virtual Switch.

Hope this helps! :geek:
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