Hi all, i need your help !

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Hi all, i need your help !

Postby mikayuki » Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:40 am

Hello everyone,
I am about to pull my hair out over all the time ive spent lately NOT playing guitar when im playing guitar! Anyway, i have amplitube 3, a Tascam US800 interface, and been trying to use this Midi Mouse just for a simple foot switch to change presets.

This midi world is very new to me and quite beyond me to be honest. Ive read what alot of people have been saying and am getting that uneasy feeling that i have the wrong tool. Does anyone know if the Tech 21 Midi Mouse has been proven to work or not work. Money is tight but this has been so frustrating!! Maybe i should have taken the time to save up longer for the stealth.

Also thanks to all you folks sharing your knowledge with less experienced/knowledgeable folks like myself. You all are the frustration fighters!!
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Re: Hi all, i need your help !

Postby lightboy » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:43 pm

You never told us your problem?
I don't know anything about the midi mouse but I have hooked up the midi from my Yamaha
P-250 through usb and I was able to control AmpliTube with the keyboard.
I just today received the stomp I/O from the black friday sale. See how that goes looks like the perfect controller for AmpliTube
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