Keeps prompting me to connect to internet!?!

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Keeps prompting me to connect to internet!?!

Postby edwardE4R104 » Wed Mar 22, 2023 6:08 pm


I have Amplitube 5.5 max and the second mesa package which I purchased back in November. I'm very happy with the products. On my live rig however, which is only intermittently connected to the internet when I'm at home, it keeps prompting me to connect to the internet to continue my trial. In the ik product manager, Amplitube shows as authorized. This is very disruptive to practices and would certainly be disruptive at gigs if it were to happen. It seems random.

How can I keep this from popping up and seeing that everything is authorized whether online or not?

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Re: Keeps prompting me to connect to internet!?!

Postby DarkStar » Thu Mar 23, 2023 10:19 am

In the IK Product Manager go to the AmpliTube section, click on the Products and check that both your products are Registered / |Authorised.
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