Can't assigm midi control change to some effects pedals

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Can't assigm midi control change to some effects pedals

Postby rob.amplitude » Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:38 pm


I have the IRIG 2 HD and have downloaded AmpliTube 5 SE to my Macbook. This seems to work perfectly well with the iRig and with a ProSonus input box.

I'm trying to assign midi control sequewnces to various effects pedals and have no issues with the delay pedal or the chorus pedal. On the delay pedal I can right click "Assign Midi" - > "Bypass" -> "Learn Bypass", click on the Line 6 foot controller and it works fine. I have even worked out how to get the sync lights to work correctly on the LIne 6 FBV foot controller.

However I cannot get the "Assign Midi" to even pop up on the Overscream effect, the Noise Gate, The Ambassador, Phazor 10, Step Slicer, but it does work for Delay and Chrous and a few others. The fact I can get the Assign Midi to work for some but not others seems to indicate I know what I am doing.

Just to be clear, this is not to do with the FBV foot controller, I cannot get Assign Midi to pop up in Amplitube to even learn.

I've removed pedals, changed the order, started and stopped Amplitube but it's always the same pedals each time,

Any suggestions welcomed.


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Re: Can't assigm midi control change to some effects pedals

Postby Rwillett1 » Wed Mar 22, 2023 12:24 pm

I have found that the Assign Midi touch area varies between pedal effects, I was being a muppet.
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