Differences in available models amplitube vs tonex

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Differences in available models amplitube vs tonex

Postby jandp1 » Sat Feb 04, 2023 9:31 am


I've got TonexCS and Amplitube5 CS. If I log onto Tone.net and search for example "slayer" on the AmpliTube tab there are tons of results. On the tonex tab there is only one.

I worked out how to download and find the tone in Tonex but in Amplitube if I download the tone I get the white noise.

Is this the way it's meant to be, or am I missing something? Do I get access to more tones if I have the full Tonex product?


Incidentally I've seen reference to a Tonex manual but I can't find it. It's not linked in the app, or from the web page. Where is it?
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