Bad Gear - or draw 25 cards (Uno Synth Pro Review)

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Bad Gear - or draw 25 cards (Uno Synth Pro Review)

Postby Vekedavef » Fri Feb 17, 2023 7:50 pm

I agree with the choice of mini jacks.
It is hard to read the light grey font on black.
I would rather have white LED instead of red (or rather not a red plastic, the LED are already white maybe).
I agree about the license, but developing a good editor is not cheap so you pay for it with the purchase of the gear.

Now it could be a QC issue on his unit, but I have no wobbly knobs on my unit. All rock solid. To be frank I was expecting cheap wobbly and cheap turning feeling knobs before my purchase (keyboard version). It wasn't the case at all.
The screen is small, but very sharp.
As far as noise level, nothing too critical from the main output compared to other gear I've owned that are not even analog.
I dont know what the average time calibration for a full analog machine is, but I never thought it was an issue.
The Fx are fine.
The keybed feels good.
The knobs are spongy but always react at first press. They don't miss.

Midi polychaining is what is missing for me. You get a lot of analog/cost (and you can save your presets) from that machine.

His demo (100% USP?) was very good.
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