Uno Synth Pro keyboard version- worth it?

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Uno Synth Pro keyboard version- worth it?

Postby Matrick540 » Thu Dec 08, 2022 8:11 am

The Uno Synth Pro sounds great to my ears, and was considering the purchase. Desktop version is quite cheap but have read too many bad things about the overall quality of construction, especially the flimsiness of the USB power supply. Anybody here owns the keyboard version and can give some honest feedback? Does it feel sturdy and long- lasting? Have there been any particular issues with the keyboard version I should be aware of? Thanks!
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Re: Uno Synth Pro keyboard version- worth it?

Postby Catalyser76 » Thu Dec 15, 2022 4:03 pm

Hi Matrick,

the keyboard version is excellent in build quality and a joy to play. It is a real and heavy instrument and not a toy! What i really miss is the fundamental local on/off parameter. This allows you to separate the keyboard from the internal audio engine. Therefore, the synth can be used as masterkeyboard for other synths or VSTs. Its mentioned in the midi chart that local on/off can be triggered by using midi cc 122 message. But from my experience its not possible. This has to be updated IK! If this is not important for you. Buy this synth.
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