Using iPad editor

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Using iPad editor

Postby rimmer.steve » Sat Feb 12, 2022 4:31 pm

My uno synth is no longer recognised by the editing software on my iPad. The iPad is not actually powering the synth, even when used with the powered camera connection kit.
I have managed to use it powered by batteries to play synth apps in Aum from the so called keyboard, but using with the app just displays waiting for connection or something similar.
The synth will power up fine if I use with a usb plug, but then I have no means of connecting to the iPad. Even with fresh batteries in the editor will not recognise it.

When I try with my laptop it is a similar story, unless I use one old and very loose fitting usb cable I have, which might even be the one that came with it originally, then it seems to work ok. That cable won’t work with the iPad.

Does anyone have any ideas it’s driving me nuts.

Thanks Steve
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