Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

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Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

Postby MoTrFinger » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:36 am

Hello have just bought the Uno Drum and the Uno Synth. I was able to connect both and update firmware. 1.1.4 synth and 1.0.2 for the drum This might turn out to be a mistake, because with the drum machine I had issues connecting USB to Drum Editor failed. Updated firmware and hear the buzz and hum.

When I booted up the synth it did not seem to make any noise and assumed I had a bad Drum unit. But once I did the firmware update blamo there is the buzz and hum. Switching to battery is the current workaround.

I can connect the audio outs to either my mixer or just a head phone and get a TERRIBLE BUZZ when the usb cable is connected and the power is set for USB. Battery power does not hum and hiss like this, however the batteries provided lasted less than 15 min. I have the two devices chained together by sound (working on the midi soon) but but only the last unit in the chain will generate loud hum and hiss and only when on USB Power.

Still whether I plug the synth into the drum machine or vice versa, the last one in the change cannot be using USB power on account of the massive HISS and Hum. If I use USB power on the first device in the chain the hum and buzz is much less. Still working on all this but dam I work service desk 8hrs a day last thing I want is to spend hours techin my own stuff. Oh ya btw still can't get the synth to connect to the synth editor. No problems with the Drum machine. And I did have to use my own USB cable the one that came with falters easy causing the machine to flicker to battery and back or freeze altogether.

I got the Drum setup on Midi channel 10 and that works but I read somewhere the default for the synth is channel 1 and 16? Sorry starting to ramble a bit as there are several issues I am faced with. BTW the units are super silent when both are on battery power.

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Re: Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

Postby Peter_IK » Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:28 pm

USB bus noise is not uncommon and not unique to the UNO line. There is some information about this on the UNO Synth Specs page.
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Re: Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

Postby MoTrFinger » Fri Jan 01, 2021 7:57 am

Thanks for the info, I did some research and have a Furman power conditioner on order along with a ground loop iso, we'll see if the noise levels come down to acceptable levels. I was torn between these and the Alesis - I'm just looking for easy accompaniment to jam too. It can still work by running performance on battery or straight USB power not connected to the PC. I tested with a phone charger and the sound is solid and clear. I still however have the connection issue with the Synth remaining. Thanks again, happy new year. ... lsrc=aw.ds
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Re: Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

Postby MoTrFinger » Sun Jan 03, 2021 7:26 pm

Update, got both machines connected to software. Got my Ground loop Isolator and that cleans up the sounds pretty good. Going to add a line conditioner for the PC.
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Re: Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

Postby Dododoo » Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:35 pm

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Re: Buzzing and hum Both Drum and Synth

Postby colinbartley1 » Fri Feb 25, 2022 4:35 pm


For what its worth, I have had many bus powered audio devices, both USB2 and Firewire 400 and 800. They are all prone to random noise. About 25 years ago I got a Boss DI-1. I still use it for various things. Its Phantom powered or battery (has a clever auto power off even when connected) and has ground lift, pad, balanced out, unbalanced out.

I have 7 USB items currently connected to a powered Hub with camera connector and an Ipad. Just a matter of finding the right place for the DI.

My main noise source at the moment is my midi controller. Noise changes in time with the LED flashing pads. DI-1 again to the rescue.

I have the original Apogee Duet. When I first got it, I could only use my Macbook on battery power for recording because of the noise. Connected the DI-1, all noise eliminated and connected to the mains.

I've loving the UNO drum, if you're a finger drummer its awful, but so are most of its competitors . But my midi controller is mapped to take care of that. I prefer TR style beat making, and for that its great and I love the sound, Its all the drum machines I couldn't afford when I was younger and definitely cant afford now.
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