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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby GothicCathedra1 » Fri May 31, 2024 7:36 pm

I just received my UNO Synth Pro X and tested it in the last four hours. So far, I am impressed and have absolutely no remorse buying it. The user interface is phantastic and the sound is absolutely amazing. From subtle to very agressive, it can do anything.

The only thing that would interest me is:

Will there ever be a six voice or even more voices version of this synth? I do not need a full 61 keys version, just a desktop synth with six or eight voices would be enough. I know, the competition is hard, but that's what I am amagining right now.
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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby mongio » Wed Jun 19, 2024 10:21 am

Uno Synth Pro Desktop black here, and I prefer it to the "X" due to the touch keyboard, which is very useful in my context.
This is my features request, things that could be fixed in a future firmware revision:

- HOLD MODE: to have the ability to not only turn the keys on but also off so that you can decide which notes to play or remove from hold mode. Just press again the key and it goes off. Perfect for droning, for example, or ambient soundscapes.

- Different "back" function behaviour: the button is imho counter-intuitive, a back function can be activated by the data encoder, as a menu option (see Arturia microfreak) or by long pressing the data encoder button (see Dreadbox Typhon)

- Display feedback from external midi controller: nice would be if the USP display could give feedback to midi cc; I'm using an external controller for the desktop, and it would be nice to map some functions on external controller and have a feedback on display when changing the mapped parameter.

- Better options for using the internal effects with external sound sources (gain control, sources filtered even when the UNO is not playing eg. gate open, etc.).

- Polychain, even between pro and pro x - will dramatically raise interest on buying also the X for people already owning the PRO.

- If the internal processor consents it, add more modulation sources/destinations, and some improvements made on the X (like the shimmer reverb).

- Avoid any sound quality reduction to try to solve the osc bleed problem: I've read somewhere that on the PRO X this has been done in latest firmware by filtering the "noise" with a band reject filter, I don't know if this has fundament and I don't know if this has been done on the USP already (I hope NO). If done, let the user choose to enable/disable this option.
I had a Uno Synth before upgrading to the PRO, and I was very enthusiast of its raw sound, when I upgraded I found that some "magic" of the UNO sound has gone, yet the PRO is a total beast but in terms of raw sound something got lost (I don't know if for the digital effects in the chain so that you have the analog sound always passing thru a DA converter, or for some osc bleed adjustment).

It would be nice to have a reply from IK on the a.m. matters.


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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby Peter_IK » Thu Jun 20, 2024 6:31 pm

mongio wrote:...

It would be nice to have a reply from IK on the a.m. matters...

This is a wish list thread and this forum is not a tech support forum so you'd want to contact IK Support directly for an official answer from IK on your technical inquiries via

Thank you
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Re: Official UNO Synth Wish list!

Postby mongio » Thu Jun 20, 2024 7:34 pm

Hi Peter, thanks for your answer, my USP has no issues. It's just my wishlist for future USP firmware upgrades, if you think it would be useful to submit it to tech support, I'll do it.
- Adding another possible improvement: scales per preset and not as common setting.
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