IK Multimedia Micro Monitors

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IK Multimedia Micro Monitors

Postby Rajesh350 » Wed Dec 07, 2022 6:36 am

I'm in the market for some budget monitors and I'm leaning towards buying a set of these, but my current problem is my desk is pretty small and I have a dual monitor setup which doesn't allow me to set these up vertically without a monitor fully obstructing it.

Would I be able to just horizontally lay these flat on my desk, so that they're just below my computer monitors? I see the MTM monitors have a horizontal stand that they come with, but wasn't sure about the micros.
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Re: IK Multimedia Micro Monitors

Postby ericraymond » Wed Dec 07, 2022 9:22 am

Horizontal placement is not recommended for monitors with one tweeter and one woofer. The MTM have two tweeters and one woofer which means they work better horizontally.

It's due to the distance to your ears is different between the low (woofer) and high (tweeter) frequencies when a 1+1 speaker is on its side. A 2+1 avoids this since the average distance of the two tweeters on their side to your ear is the same as the woofer located halfway between the tweeters.

Vertical oriented speakers don't have this issue when the speakers are ear level or angled directly at your head (more or less).

This assumes you are going for a flat, reference sound source for mixing, etc. For "just listening" you might be ok with them horizontal just like you might be ok to listen off axis.
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