Dolby imersive MTM w/ Behringer ada 8200 and focusrite 18i20

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Dolby imersive MTM w/ Behringer ada 8200 and focusrite 18i20

Postby Hugsfoya1 » Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:53 pm

Hi I am currently setting up my I loud mtm immersive bundle for 7.1.4 configuration.

I am setting it up with a behringer ada 8200 and a focusrite 18i20.

I have configured the speakers on my mac and testing the outputs works fine in the Audio Devices section functionally just not volume wise.

I am also running it through the focusrite control (software) and and am using ADAT and using the behringer as master clock and using adat as clock source on mac.

I have it set so the 7 horizontal plane speakers are outputing directly from the focusrite 18i20.
And the 4 ceiling speakers are using the behringer ada 8200. I am running mac os montery 12.5

For some reason when configuring on the mac the ceiling speakers are blasting the mac test tone so loud that the red light is showing and they are clipping. I tried adjusting the physical volume knob behind the speaker but it does nothing. I also tried lowering the volume in focusrite control but that seems to be doing nothing, I am however able to mute the speakers.

This doesnt happen with the 7 horizontal speakers. Only the speakers connected to the behringer ada 8200 are clipping and I am not sure why.

Any help would be appreciated so I don't ruin my new speakers.

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