Can micro monitors be laid horizontally flat?

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Can micro monitors be laid horizontally flat?

Postby Sariya12 » Mon Mar 13, 2023 11:43 am

I am currently searching for affordable monitors and I am considering purchasing a pair of these. However, my predicament is that my desk is relatively small, and I have a dual monitor setup that makes it difficult to arrange them vertically without one monitor fully obstructing the other.
My question is: Can I lay these monitors flat on my desk horizontally, so that they are positioned just below my computer monitors? I noticed that the MTM monitors come with a horizontal stand, but I am uncertain if the micros do as well.
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Re: Can micro monitors be laid horizontally flat?

Postby ericraymond » Sat Mar 25, 2023 9:16 am

A monitor with one tweeter and one woofer is designed to be vertical so that the distance from the tweeter is the same distance from your ear as the woofer.

If you lay them on the side then one will travel a longer distance which will introduce phase issues. YMMV if this is something than is a deal breaker or not, but it's not optimal.

When you have two tweeters with a woofer in the middle on their side, tyou can think of the the high frequency coming from the center of the two tweeters ... which is the center of the woofer ... which means the high/low sounds arrive in phase.
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