Phantom notes in both MD and MB

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Phantom notes in both MD and MB

Postby hburchfield3 » Thu Mar 28, 2024 8:08 am


I started using Modo Drum and Modo Bass a few months back. I'm running Logic 10.8.1 on a MacBook M3.

I'm having serious issues with phantom notes appearing in BOTH programs, and it is rendering these products unusable. In at least two cases, the phantom notes seem to originate from notes that were deleted from the region involved -- for instance, after deleting a single 8th note cymbal hit in Logic, the cymbal continues to play. The same thing has happened in Modo Bass with deleted notes, and has also occurred where there were never any notes or events in the affected region.

Let me be perfectly clear: there are no other events occurring in these places and the notes are in the playing range of the instruments; they are not key controls or anything of the sort. There is literally nothing on the tracks where these unwelcome noises are popping up.

I enjoy these products and hope there is an easy answer i've missed. I don't want to have to go back to Superior Drummer because I don't want a 250 GB library I have to work with. Thanks for any ideas or solutions.
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