Controller Key switches & CC

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Controller Key switches & CC

Postby craigtschirhart » Tue Mar 26, 2024 2:41 pm

Hey all!

I've had modo bass for a bit and I think it's an awesome modeler. I'm still relatively new with midi programming. Specifically, I'm struggling to understand the midi controls.

I've got a bass tab with some ghost / dead notes and I'm struggling with how to program this.

On the control tab of the MODO Bass GUI, muting is set to CC9 and ghost mode is set to KS A#-1. Buy when I add a midi note at A#-1 to a midi note/chord, there is no change to the sound. Through trial and error, I found that I could get a deadnote by using A#0. In my control tab, KS A#0 is set to slap mode, though. So I have a workaround but I'm not sure what is going on.

Couldn't find much on this in the user manual. Is this kinda stuff documented somewhere?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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