How to get the new cymbals for little money?

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How to get the new cymbals for little money?

Postby meingottwalter » Sun Mar 10, 2024 5:51 pm

Hi there, I have bought ModoDrum back when it came with 10 kits, which is way more than sufficient to me when it comes to toms, snares, BD. Still I'd love to fiddle with the newer Cymbals.

How do I get most Cymbals for as little money as possible?

The online shop seems to offer no budgetary "update from 1.1" option.

So I consider the "Modo Bogo" promo to get 2 kits for 60€ (incl. German tax). Will, for example, "Brit Custom" and "Metal" come with all the cymbals the were not included in 1.1?

Any better ideas?
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