10 Storeys - trying out a new mic.

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10 Storeys - trying out a new mic.

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Mon Dec 11, 2023 9:17 pm

Hi all,

Decided to get a decent, budget large diaphragm mic over Black Friday mostly as an option to mic acoustic guitars and to have another pick for vox. This song stemmed from experimenting with this mic for acoustic and vox & has a pared down singer/songwriter vibe.

When my buddy Paul heard it, he convinced me that it could also go with a little more production value, be extended a bit and should have a “Gilmour’esque” lead….so I went back to the work shed and came up with this. Doubt I nailed the Gilmour-type leads but I did specifically seek and use a couple user presets from TONEX searching “Gilmour” (man, there’s no shortage of options there! :shock: ).

Anyhow, have a listen and hope you like it….if you do, I’ll let Paul know his co-producer credit was worth it! :lol:

Take care!!

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Re: 10 Storeys - trying out a new mic.

Postby CrazySchmidt » Tue Dec 12, 2023 9:53 am

Holy Fukk Michael!!!

I want to tell you how good this sounds and and how proud I feel as a brother who knows what it's like to always chase and improve, improve and improve with quality of recording.

What a brilliant recording my friend, what a difference that mic has made to your vocal breadth and quality in the mix/production, great choice!

Great song writhing as well as always!!

Everyone, let's not forget, we are listening to an ever increasing great talent/artist on this forum, what a privilege!! 8-)

Love you bro, great work!

Cheers CS. :)
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Re: 10 Storeys - trying out a new mic.

Postby danwilson5 » Tue Jan 02, 2024 5:35 am

Hi Michael,

Your productions just keeps getting better. The acoustic guitar tone is spot on and your lead tone is awesome. Keep them coming.

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