L'ombre du Nouveau Dark Age - instrumental, reimagined

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L'ombre du Nouveau Dark Age - instrumental, reimagined

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Thu Jul 28, 2022 8:51 pm

Hey all,

This “worldly” instrumental track is an idea from 2016 that wasn’t particularly well-recorded way back then, but, I had a hankering to reimagine it by exploring some guitar presets via ToneNET.

Now, I messed with ToneNET presets for the electric guitars (not bass) and didn’t fix anything else (no re-takes, flexing, etc.) so it’s as it was back then just with some upgraded guitar sounds (I hope) and a general remix. Unfortunately, not the tightest thing going & some flubby execution but, perhaps, you'll dig anyhow. :D

The song title hopefully translates pretty accurately to "Shadow of the New Dark Age” which I thought was cool. 8-)

IK Stuff:
AT5 - ToneNET presets, tweaked: “Dry as Luck” // “Marshall JMP-1TM” // “Danzig 1” // “Orange Julius” // “Vai G3 Answers Solo”
ST3 - Arabic Oud // Female Gliss Ah (everytime I hear this I can’t help but think of the original Star Trek series) // FX-Weird (for the intro)
AT4 - SVX-VR bass rig, thought sounded great as-is so didn’t bother changing
TR5 - Sunset Sound (Chamber), Stealth Limiter, Lurssen Mastering

Feedback appreciated & take care!

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