So scared...

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So scared...

Postby brianvegas » Wed Mar 23, 2022 5:57 am

I'm afraid with all the pros here, this will get tossed in the trash or worse, ripped to shreds (pun intended)...

Thanks if you spare a listen. All guitars done inside Amplitube 4 :D ... jTZ-9c2Gu0 ... 1570310810
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Re: So scared...

Postby » Wed Mar 23, 2022 5:36 pm


Well, thanks for posting, excellent stuff!! I’ve checked out your “Perfect Strangers” EP and the cover of 1979, now, can you clarify if you are also Zzen as well 'cus that would be a whole other set of feedback!

Things that strike me overall:
-Love & appreciate the breadth of music within these 6 tracks
-Super voice, really….no, really, whether solo or harmonies chosen
-Sounds like the EP is a collection of tracks recorded across a span of time, relative to levels and production but overall, mixes & sounds are great including whatever AT4 sounds you’ve used

1979 - nice cover, raw and sweet, makes me think of chilling on the grass at a park on a sunny summer’s day taking nothing yet everything in at once.

Molly - super rocking song that I get a bit of country-crossover vibe from.

Realizations - my favourite, an incredibly well-crafted song! Intro and outro are excellent fits and the breakdown in the middle with the added double-timing is fantastic. The gritty bass guitar sound is superb choice. Vocally, excellent and, probably dating myself, but “hear” a Myles Kennedy/David Draiman quality and that’s a compliment for sure.

Bittersweet - nothing bitter here, I’d say a sweet “Canadiana” track with a nice message and some tasteful guitar melodies throughout.

White Roses - an upbeat track with some cross-over elements, like it.

S.M.S. - really tight, rocking track with super riffs and transitions (especially bridge to chorus). Do I hear tabla at the outro, if so, tres kewl!!

So, many thanks for posting, man, and better check your 6..... you’re being followed (on SoundCloud)! Again, are you also Zzen with the Sitara EP - for if so, I'm even more impressed than now! :o :D
Michael (no pro)
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Re: So scared...

Postby brianvegas » Wed Mar 23, 2022 7:47 pm

Hey Michael,

Yes, Zzen is also my baby! Single parent... :P

Shoot, I thought I'd only shared Zzen links here and not my silly other stuff! :( :oops:

Thank you for the kind words, and you're right, they were recorded across a span of time and with different musicians from USA, Canada, Indonesia, Finland and Pakistan. Mostly remotely and via email or social media.

All the love and support is massively appreciated, cannot say that enough.
If somehow it's good enough to playlist/share... <3 no words...

1979 was just me messing around to stay active, totally forgot it was up there!!

For all the others on 'Perfect Strangers' the vocals are a Nashville pro named Greg Johnson, drums Dennis Leeflang, bass Sean Gregory, lead guitar for 'Molly' - David Brewster, guitars Brian Vegas. Mixed by Greg Johnson, Brian Vegas and Brendan Dekora. Mastered by Greg Johnson, Brian Vegas, Plech Johanssen and Bumblefoot.

Musicians on 'Sitara'

Vocals Mohit Bhatnagar
Guitars Brian Vegas
Add'l guitars David Brewster (Meri Pehchan Solo), Rizky D (Meri Pehchan: Pt II first solo), John Huldt (Meri Pehchan: Pt II second solo), Faraz Anwar (Meri Pehchan: Pt II third solo)
Keys Derek Sherinian (Meri Pehchan: Pt II)
Bass Brian Vegas, Sean Gregory & Vivek Bhatt
Drums Kevin Dwi, Dennis Leeflang, Talib Qizilbash and Adam Raymer
Adams drums engineered by Mike Defaria (not the same person as Mike D)
Mixed by Sean Gregory, Mike D, Brian Vegas & Brendan Dekora
Mastered by Sean Gregory, Mike D, Plec Johanssen, Brian Vegas & Bumblefoot

Before I forget!!
A massive thanks would be owed to IK super pro user, Ron Thal (Bumblefoot).
He's been a friend and mentor through the process and journey..without him (and his guitars), none of this would be possible!!!

Additional thanks:
Arlen Roth, Jennifer Batten, Slav Simanic, Paul Mellor, Ponch Satrio, School of Rock, Walters Music, Godin Guitars, IK Multimedia and more.
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Re: So scared...

Postby CrazySchmidt » Wed Mar 30, 2022 7:28 am

Dude, just let me start off by saying FUK YEAH!!! that is some seriously GOOD ****!!!

Ok, so I'm assuming that this is professionally recorded (it certainly sounds like it), but regardless of that, this is a very good rockin set of tracks, all aspects are solid and it's a cool listen.

For me highlights were track 3, the vocal performance with this was outstanding, what great vocal control and expression, definitely an asset you your sound.

Track 5, great guitar work, confident, slick and solid, it's the kind of thing that makes listeners go back again for another listen.

Can't wait to hear more from you dude!!

Cheers, CS. :)
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