Fallow - beautifully grim.

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Fallow - beautifully grim.

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Mon May 31, 2021 8:21 pm

Hi all,

Taking a break from recording acoustic stuff right now and decided to resurrect this track from 5 years ago. Early on in returning to recording music, this was one of my more ambitious pursuits. The opening bass line is the foundation of the song & I hope you find the track a cool blend of classical instruments arranged with synths and some rock elements.

As opposed to the positive vibe with "Quixotic", this track is at the other end, quite dark lyrically, I’ll include below.

The old mix was alright but spent a few days completely redoing the drums switching to MODO, honing the mix and updating it will some newer IK goodies. Almost all IK hands on deck for this track now!

Once my friend, Paul, heard this version, he’s eager to take on the bass guitar part and has some good ideas (we hope that can happen this summer). I’ll repost that version when it’s ready but, until then, here’s this one…

IK stuff:
AT5 - electric guitars: clean = “Spacey Pulse” & clean lead = “Wreck Clean” presets; distorted guitars used AFD100 and Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
ST3/ST4/Philharmonik - violins, violas, English horns, clarinet, cabasa
Syntronik - Memory-V, VCF-3, M-Poly
MODO Drum - Djentleman
SampleTron2 - Super FM electric piano
TR5 - MixBox, Saturator X, White 2A, CRS revs (Hall/Inverse/Room), Sunset Sound (ISO, chamber, live), and Stealth Limiter

Take care,

Amidst and deep upon myself
Flipping to my last page
No one sees what’s taking shape
Hidden by mores   
Matters not - relief or sin
Mapping out where’s and when’s
Beyond…unknown, but welcomed versus life

For truth - there’s lie
With love - there’s sleight
The world will never ever know
Pain in these pale, dying eyes
No élan, no interest
No more starry skies
Fallow, my life      
Tomorrow, a crime
In truth - there’s lie
For beauty - disguise 
Devotion - blind eye
With love - there’s sleight
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