The KRAKEN! - ominous grunge.

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The KRAKEN! - ominous grunge.

Postby » Mon Mar 22, 2021 6:32 pm

Hey all, taking a break from working on acoustic-based stuff and thot I’d share a more rockin’ offering.

This recording is from 2017 and makes a new song out of a key riff used in a song our band did in the 90’s…so, yes, it’s very Grunge-influenced, especially AIC, I suppose, but would love a guy like Troy Sanders to lend vox and bass.

Anyhow, mix not super-duper but listenable, you may hear an attempt at some early Metallica mix elements near the end.

I’m gonna include the lyrics for this one as I often struggle with words for music but I think these fit the ominous musical feel and the subject matter.

IK stuff:
AT4 - all guitars using some variation of Mesa Triple Rectifier & bass uses AMPEG SVT
ST3 - detuned accordion
TR - Black 76, MicR, De-esser, Classik Studio rev, Bus Compressor, Stealth Limiter

Thanks for listening, as always, but would appreciate feedback if you have any!

The Kraken
Say goodbye once more
As the crew we’re leaving shore
Watch the sails unfurl

Once we’re out to sea
No home fires burn for thee
Just the brave New World

Yeah, endless swells upon the bow
Yeah, 207 days gone now

Ship and crew are lost
Dark clouds gathering across
Ushering no sound

A black shadow ahead
Now beneath us, full of dread
Feels like we’ve run aground

Yeah, tentacles seem everywhere
Yeah, no hope for us only despair

Woe are we, it’s the Kraken
Woe are we, it’s the Kraken
Woe are we…..

Ship and crew we’re…..down…down… X3
Woe are we…..

Half the crew a feast
for the belly of this beast
and the others drown

Thoughts of songs unsung
As the sea she fills my lungs
To the depths I’m down

To the Kraken…
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