No Prisoners - acoustic song.

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No Prisoners - acoustic song.

Postby » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:27 pm

Hi all,

2021 seems to have an acoustic focus so far for me, so here’s another song idea from earlier this year. Pretty basic song that I suppose is about taking stock and kicking negative thoughts, attachments, relationships to the curb, and hopefully done in a decent and listenable way. Just a 6-string acoustic with classical guitar and short electric gtr lead.

IK stuff:
AT5 - guitar lead used “Warm Growl” preset but put through a Leslie G37 cab
TR5 - Classik Studio & Sunset Studio revs, Stealth Limiter

Anyhow, have a listen and feedback appreciated. Thanks to Daniel for encouraging me to throw this one out there.

Take care,
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