"Ryo" at the Espana Lounge - just for fun.

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"Ryo" at the Espana Lounge - just for fun.

Postby mklankin@hotmail.com » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:41 pm

Hey all,

Here’s a very light-hearted track from exactly 2 years ago and the mix hasn't been tweaked since. Can’t remember the inspiration but something likely got me thinking of performing at and seeing acts at some pretty cringe-worthy establishments back in the day.

Anyhow, picture a local band ("Slayne Heinously") butchering a super 80’s song at a lounge and done with a little Zappa styling.

IK stuff:
KB = Syntronik: mix of Pro-V, Minimod, Harpy, and OXa
Bass = Ampeg SVX-4B
AT4 = ENGL Powerball for lead with either American Vintage or British Lead S100 used for rhythms
TRackS = One used on the stereo out

Hope it might put a smirk on your face and, perhaps, jar some memories of your own to boot!

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