Trapeze - first kick at AT5.

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Trapeze - first kick at AT5.

Postby » Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:17 am

Hey all,

Didn’t take too long to get inspired by AT5, certainly enjoying the changes including expanded control and new gear/presets. A couple riffs came about immediately upon loading AT5 up leading to this song idea emerging and this will close off 2020 for me.

Song’s a little “Tool’y” but not all the way through. Not a bass player but the B750 inspired a pretty kewl bass riff in the middle of the song…gave me a hand cramp!

Providing two versions - one with scratch vox that sketches those thots but execution is not in my wheelhouse so the instrumental version may be more palatable - fair warning. This song also gave me an opportunity to include a couple holiday gifts, being a tone block and cowbell (I got the fever!).

IK stuff:
Bass - AT5 New York B750, love this rig!
ST4 - “Truth is Out There” patch and a sound fx from Horror 3
MODO Drum - Studio kit
Guitars - AT5 using modified versions of the following presets: “Cliffs of Eric” (Eric Johnson was the last concert I went to before the pandemic so had to try out) / “Amsterdam” (original + couple tracks substituting 150W with new German 34 head) / “Driven Solo 1” for clean sounds
TR5 - Tape 80, Stealth Limiter, CSR Inverse + Sunset Sound revs

Take care and all the best in 2021!
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